Specials- some extraordinary ideas for an Date with independent Escort Louisa Lesander

The virtual getting-to-know-date

You might presently not have the opportunity to meet me, or you cannot travel yet, or you would like to bridge the time until we get to meet in person and “live”? 


And you would like

to get to know me at little bit at least now?

Then you might be happy to meet me initially in a Skype video chat.

In our video chat we can get to know each other quite a lot better than in written

communications. You might ask me questions and I would be happy to learn a little bit more

about you. We might even have a glass of wine or coffee together.

But please note that this option of video chat does not include me getting nude or

presenting lingerie to you. It rather would be like meeting in public, e.g. in a hotel bar or in a

restaurant, just like for a "normal" ,but in this case virtually.

How can we arrange our virtual date?

First of all, we should find a date and time for our web meeting, which fits both of us.

If we have agreed on this, you will have the opportunity to pay my respective fee in advance

and discreetly via voucher cards, e.g. Amazon. But if you prefer using another method I am

open to discuss this.

My compensation:



30 min: 100 euros

60 min: 150 Euro

As a connoisseur of the special Girl Friend Experience you will find on this page stimulating and exciting suggestions for a common tête-à-tête, depending on the taste and gusto that I am constantly expanding from time to time. Let yourself be inspired by your independent escort lady Louisa for one of these little adventures of lust. Of course you can also choose among these specials under my regular Arrangements.

Let me wake you up with a kiss

Isnt it nicer to wake up differently in the morning than from your alarm clock? How about if I wake you up in the nicest way ... Of course, I can bring along a coffee for you, but I believe that you do not need the coffee after our rendezvous. Let your day start optimally before your daily business takes you. My sunny "good morning" Greetings to you is only possible in Berlin center from 6:00 am to 10:00 am in the morning.

This is a symbolic deposit in the form of a gift card or voucher card is of course charged, necessary. Up to 1 hour 300 Euro- with coffee on request

Concierge Service or Incall

You would like to see me so much, but in your Berlin hotel this might seem inappropriate due to a business or social environment? So that we can still see each other, it is now possible for me to book a Hotelroom or suitable room for our rendezvous. Please calculate 120 Euro plus on my regular rates, which you can find here. Please note that in order to guarantee a binding booking I also need a deposit payment. You can do this discretely in the form of a gift voucher for this special.A lead time of two or three days would be perfect.

You live in Berlin and we do not know each other (I can only offer home visits if we already know each other) then I am looking forward to getting to know each other through this special or as part of my suite Boudoir.

Naked Lunch - the very special lunch break.

Dear Gentleman, how it would be to enjoy a lunch break of a quite special kind in Berlin? 


Within my special “Naked Lunch” you will not only enjoy tasty little treats, but also other bodily pleasures.


You are looking forward to this sensual quality time? So, if you need a short break from the office or would enjoy a brief switch off before or after a meeting during your Berlin stay, I  promise to take your mind off it completely, following the motto “body and mind wellness“, and to light all your senses. If you think that this is a great idea and would like to book this special, then kindly note that I need an advance booking request for at least 24h in order to allow for booking of nice, central and exclusive rooms (in coordination with you) and also for organizing your short but intensive "wellness" time out perfectly. 


The “Naked Lunch" Special includes the costs of the location, some tasty snacks and drinks, and of course me and my exquisite talents. 

The Naked Lunch is bookable beginning with a duration of one hour (370 Euro) and extendable up to 2 hours at 500 Euro.

Exquisite delicacies in the private suite boudoir with your Escort Lady from Berlin 

In the private atmosphere of a 5 star suite, I am delighted to serve you a three-course menu during the evening, prepared with exquisite wines, which I choose to match the individual courses. Of course, I vote in advance, depending on the preferences of the menu with you.

In such a menu of pleasures, of course, one or the other element of the sensual kind may not be missing. Maybe you want to let your imagination wander a bit at this point.

As this private suite has a very good downtown location, we can also have an event, show, theater or cabaret next to our dinner and private time, or just end the evening with a cocktail in a nice bar with live Music.

If I have aroused your desire and interest to my exquisite delicacies garnished with sensual ingredients, I would like to ask you early in advance one week lead time is hereby at least needed to inform about your desired date, and of course  about your ideas on how you like  to enjoy the evening.

You can also like to let the evening come to an end with me and spend the night there with us to deliver a small pillow fight in the morning together with a five star breakfast.

Bookable is this special from three hours on (starts with 800 euros, this already includes all costs for the suite and for all food and drinks). A cost advance of 30% on the desired booking period, is required in order to consider such a culinary boudoir experience as fixed and prepare it accordingly.

private Suite Boudoir Berlin:

3 hours                                          800 Euro 

4 hours                                          900 Euro 

5 hours                                        1000 Euro 

6 hours                                        1100 Euro

12 hours                                      1400 Euro

14 hours                                      1600 Euro


Barcelona – Viva la Vida with Travel Companion Louisa 

As a lover of Spanish culture and a connoisseur of the language, I would be very happy if I could kidnap you to an extraordinary weekend in one of my favorite cities Barcelona. The Catalan coastal city is a bit more for the international and modern Spain, but at the same time maintains the old Spanish traditions.

A visit to the "Must Have Seen" highlight, the landmark of Barcelona, ​​the long-term construction site La Sagrada Familia, is absolutely recommendable for those who have never been there. In any case, one should take enough time to explore the life's work of Antonio Gaudi. It is said that wishes, promises, or predictions made at this point are fulfilled as soon as the structure is completed. Since this is expected to be the case only in 2026, quite open-hearted statements of many visitors.

On the summer night in Barcelona, ​​one or the other hidden bodega offering excellent local wines and awaits us for a refreshing breeze. For more "highlights" of the evening or the night, it is advisable sooner or later to enjoy the cozy intimacy of the hotel suite with a spectacular view.

Want some Inspiration ? See my Blog Post about Barcelona ;o) 

My Barcelona travel offer includes the following: Two days and two nights with your Independent Travel Escort Lady Louisa in an exclusive five star hotel, of course including a full breakfast, if you want in bed. It is entirely up to your momentary mood whether you would like to explore the city with me, prefer to indulge in heavenly relaxation, or indulge in "chilling moments" at the hotel's outdoor pool. I like to read via e-mail how we can plan the trip together and also your wishes and ideas.

Barcelona special. 3,600 euros *

* Special features: My flight, a 5 star hotel, breakfast is included. A deposit of 50% is required.

For more information about the process and / or expansion options for this special, you can always ask me in writing.

Zürich en Suite an sweet independent Escort Experience 

I like to travel, therefore, to one of my favorite cities, Zurich. The contemplative Lake of Zurich, the sophisticated Bahnhofsstrasse and the good food in the beautiful and best restaurants, all that I would like to enjoy with you by my side.

With my offer, Zurich en Suite I can also offer you to visit me in exclusive rooms. Please calculate 150 euros extra on my regular rate. Also there I like to offer the culinary Berlin Boudoir for you. This offer is just like the Berlin Boudoir from four hours at an adjusted rate. Of course, we can also meet regularly from a booking period of two hours, if I should be there, or I accompany you to dinner, a cocktail, a theater visit or a business appointment with a sensual Rendezvous.

Please note that I also need an advance deposit payment of 30% on our agreed time plus travel expenses if the booking does not fall within the duration of my stay in Zurich

Private Suite Boudoir Zürich

3 hours                                          800 Euro 

4 hours                                          900 Euro 

5 hours                                        1000 Euro 

6 hours                                        1200 Euro

12 hours                                      1500 Euro

14 hours                                      1700 Euro