You & Me and the US


You are a gentleman who appreciates exceptional experiences. A man who can enjoy life with all senses. Thus, a connoisseur who knows how to give others and himself a treat. You like the art of seduction. You can also allow yourself to give away control?

You appreciate the unpretentious and confident elegance of a beautiful woman? You wish an intelligent and joyful togetherness at eye level? Are you ready for a little or big adventure that inspires your mind and your senses which is not commonplace?


Perhaps you like to let me be the maestro of your delights and sensuality, I do not need a stage or staging.

I like to live within the moment and without a script, but with empathic spontaneity and creativity. Live, feel, taste and enjoy, that's what I do with all my senses. I am authentic and a born seductress by passion.


I like a picnic in bed just as much as a formidable dinner in a starred restaurant. Or flying by first-class ticket for an opera visit, walking barefoot on the beach, hitchhiking through Saint Tropez, cruising with a sailboat to Gibraltar, exploring the jungle of Vietnam on a motorbike, riding in a Ford Mustang on the Route 66 and taking weird selfies, riding along the cliffs of Ireland for having a cold ale in a small village pub, or dancing in the sunset in Ibiza ... there are so many things ..

But at the end of the day, the place where my suitcase or my bag is, with you smiling at me, at this place I feel at home, whether it is Berlin or in another time Zone.


Let us enjoy together, having exceptional experiences with each other, love, laugh, talk, feast, be passionate, become profound and approachable … We will capture the moment and let time stand still. Maybe we might explore the world together? Let us be obscene, extraordinary, instinctual, passionate and sensual. Let's have unforgettable moments for creating fondest memories.