Booking independent Escort Berlin Louisa Lesander

Compensation in Euro, valid for Germany and Europe. For USA or Canada Trips  please contact me 

01. May it be little bit more?


Are we meeting for a good glass of rosé or a coffee and sensual Moments?

Up to two hours 500 Euro* 

*plus travel expenses if outside Berlin  (taxi, flight or train ticket)


02. Let's become more intense ...


and we get to know each other a little better?

Up to three hours 650 Euro* 

*plus travel expenses if outside Berlin  (taxi, flight or train ticket)

03. The bedsheets are still not messed up enough...


Do we want to do better?


Up to four hours 750 Euro*

*plus travel expenses if outside Berlin  (taxi, flight or train ticket)

04. Coquetry at dinner …

Do I wear a slip while we are having dinner, or do I not?

Perhaps you might want to find out?

Up to five hours 850 Euro*

*plus travel expenses if outside Berlin  (taxi, flight or train ticket)

05. Sensual "s.." uhm.. six hours ...


An extensive evening rendezvous without being pushed by time. Let's go to an event, have a good meal. Or do you like the opera, the theater or cabaret perhaps, trendy bars or clubs? And the whole thing garnished with my charming company and intimate dessert and sensual intermediate Courses.

Up to six hours 950 Euro*

*plus travel expenses if outside Berlin  (taxi, flight or train ticket)

06. The perfect evening, the night and the morning …


A beautiful woman, nice food, eloquent and charming entertainment, closeness, intense moments, the joy of more and the coming hours - the night. The desire, intense moments, in the rush of passion. Waking up very gently and lustfully. The spirits come to life even without a morning coffee. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Up to twelve hours 1200 Euro*  or up to 14 hours 1350 Euro* 

*as a special feature: my travel costs are included (for Germany & Europe)

07. Let's just enjoy ...


An extended rendezvous for the connoisseur, with the freedom of sweet laissez-faire with everything that promises to give us pleasure, for example comprising a joyful dinner, whatever activities we might like, a ruffled bed, and extra-long morning waking up without coffee but all the more Passion?

Up to 17 hours 1650 Euro*

*as a special feature: my travel costs are included (for Germany & Europe)

08. I spent a day and a night with you …

... we woke up together, loved each other so passionately as if we were exactly made for it ... You want to be joined by a wonderful, stylish escort lady / alibi / "girlfriend" at eye level, a sure-footed and eloquent companion for example for an event or business meeting, or just for your personal enjoyment, already during the daytime? Authentic and yet approachable with the tendency to indecent and extraordinary cheeky intermezzo, if you want to let it happen.

Up to 24 hours 1950 Euro * 

*as a special feature: my travel costs are included (for Germany & Europe)

09. Weekend Lovers …


A wonderful weekend with me, your sensual lover, girlfriend, your soul mate, eloquent companion, who knows how to prepare an unforgettable time completely different from your everyday life.

 Up to 48 hours 2550 Euro *     Up to 72 hours 2850 Euro * 

*as a special feature: my travel costs are included (for Germany &Europe)

The classic companion. 


You want to get to know me without obligation, maybe even to plan a trip together. Or you wish to have an eloquent multilingual and socially secure companion for a business meeting, culture, like museum, or Sigh seeing?  Or you would not like to show up at a private occasion such as a wedding, sports activities, or excursions of various kinds without a companion?

Then you might like this classic escort variant without erotic components. This variant can be booked from one hour at 250 Euro, wherein each additional hour is charged with 100 Euro. I will be happy to make an individual offer on request for longer arrangements and trips.

Please send your request via email and note that i also need a deposit payment to guarantee our Date. 


Essentials for your  booking request

Arrangements and Booking Options


As a Berlin escort with a regular full-time job, I am pleased if you could give me enough lead time so that I can prepare myself with pleasure for our joyful Meeting.

For the moment, please read some essential information for a booking. The earlier I receive your request for our time together, I can confirm the desired date and keep it as a firm date for you.



You pay the Obolus, hereinafter called Compensation, for our time together with me as your independent escort Lady.



For longer appointments from four hours, traveling to another city or country, i.e. outside my home base Berlin, or in case of one of my specials, I require a pre-payment of 30%, plus any travel expenses to render our rendezvous as firm. Pre-payment and travel expenses can be made in advance in the form of a discreet gift, e.g. a gift coupon, or by bank transfer, depending on the booking and as agreed, and will then be offset against the balance.

Cancellation or Change in Schedule


Of course it can happen that our date needs to be cancelled or postponed for whatever reason. In case that you are in the situation of having to cancel or postpone a date, your deposit payment will stay with me and will be credited to the compensation for a new date. I am happy to consider three alternative dates for such a change in schedule. In the case that I need to cancel for unpredictable reasons and an alternative date is not possible, you will of course be refunded in full.If we don't know each other yet, please understand that even if the booking is within Berlin and takes less than four hours, I need a symbolic deposit or a reference to verify that it is a real booking request. 

Fly me to you


I am happy to visit you in your city or in your country. Please give me at least two or three days to prepare for it. From a booking period of 12 hours, my travel expenses for Europe and Germany are included in my compensation. For USA and CANADA Rates please contact me via email.   Otherwise, I will be happy to travel from two hours on within Germany and Europe plus additional travel costs. Please note that if I am unable to leave on the same day or evening, for example because there is no more flight or Train connection, you should make a room reservation obligatory for me.

Weekend and Joint Journeys


For enjoying you with all my senses, I need at least 6 hours of undisturbed sleep during a long weekend as well as in the nights during longer journeys. If we are traveling together, please kindly allow me to spend additional one hour a day for myself, for looking after my virtual office or other professional or private matters that need my Attention.



Oh yes please, a Menagé a trois. Let me seduce you and your partner according to all the rules of sensual art. Please add 250 Euro to the compensations according to my booking options 01. to 03., 350 Euro to the options 04. to 07., and 450 euro to the options 08. - 10.